Hello Guys, how are you? I hope you all be okay. As we know the world is facing many problems this year. Starting from climate change, pandemic, economic recession until the recent issue, black lives matter. It’s quite sad when we are facing discrimination and racism in society. In the middle of we are fighting to get equality on the term of education access and health access.

As the new term “new normal” transmitted to our community, because many believe that human behavior will change because of COVID-19. The thing’s that make “new normal” important are coming from government sides. The government tends to rescue the economic part. As we know, economic depression can lead to sociopolitical issues and that will give impact on our society as well.

How Gamer Society Respond?

This question really important to answer. The game industry really got a huge profit during these difficult times. As TechCrunch said in their article if video game usage increases 70% during peak hours. This lead to huge profits for all video games developer. Discord, video gaming chat platforms undergo server down because their server can’t handle the surging usage from users.

Even though, many major video gaming events are canceled during this year. Gamer society proves the solid connection between user and developer to fight COVID-19. This information can be read on GamesRadar site. All this information shows us how we should respond to humanities. In my country, Indonesia. Mobile Premier League Platform, an e-sport gaming platform working together with Indonesian gamers to held charity events. They got a total of IDR 600 million. These donations will be divided into 4 communities and non-profit organizations.

These actions above show several examples if the gamer community and gaming industry becoming an essential part of society, as well as other communities and industries. So, as a gamer, we should proud and give the best that we can do for society.

Until we meet again, so we can talk to other topics as well.


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